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Nigerian Stew Without Tomato Paste

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Nigerian Stew without Tomato Paste is what I’ll be sharing today.

I’m super excited to share because most people thought it’s nearly impossible to prepare Nigerian Stew tin tomatoes, which is also known as tomatoes paste

How I got to know that most people thought you cannot make Nigerian tomato stew without tomato paste. Continue reading.

There are times in the year when tomatoes are usually scarce, that’s during raining season, and in season and cheap during dry season in Nigeria.

I visited a friend, one thing led to another, we switched into Stew discussion, LoL! During that visit, there was scarcity of both fresh and tin tomatoes, the price the tomato paste both tin and sachet skyrocketed, twas very on the high side.

To be sincere with you,then tomato paste was far higher in price when compared to both, that was, the fresh tomatoes and tomato paste.

She said tomato paste was on the high side, and she can’t, and has never made Nigerian stew without adding tin tomato or tomato paste.

In essence, twas the high in price of tomato paste, that made me easily convince her, that she can make delicious Tomato stew without tin tomatoes, which she tried out and enjoyed it and chose to prepare that way. Truth is, most people are also in the same category with my friend.

I’m not saying making Stew with tomato paste doesn’t come out delicious, the point I’m trying to make is that, especially for those that finds it difficult to believe that you must add tomato paste to Nigeria tomato Stew.

Nigerian Stew without Tomato Paste is as very delicious as the tomato stew we all know, but with only fresh tomatoes used. There are also other of  Stew like Banga stew, egg stew , carrot stew and the rest.

To make Nigerian Stew without Tomato Paste you will love

Nigerian Stew Without Tomato Paste

Below is the practical step by step video on how to make this goodness ,and everything you need to know.

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See in you next post,until then,Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy.


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