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Egusi Soup Recipe

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Egusi soup also know as Melon soup is a popular Nigerian soup recipe, loved by many. Melon is healthy and packed with lots of nutrients.

It’s also one of the soups that’s mostly prepared in ceremonies such a s weddings, birthdays, name it.

Egusi soup can be prepared using different method.

The party-style egusi soup is usually fried,but that doesn’t also rule out the fact that you can’t use the other method of preparation in parties.

There’s this flavour that comes with fried method but the other method which is the boiling method also comes with it’s own unique taste and flavour.

In as much as both methods are perfect, I come to realize that these days from the comment it get, people left nice comment for the fact that I didn’t fry the Egusi. This caught my attention and got me thinking that most people now prefer boiling method of making Egusi than the frying method.

Personally, I love both methods and I chose to go by the boiling method in this post.

This Egusi soup recipe is so delicious and very easy to prepare and flavoured with two different vegetables and I know you will enjoy it once you give a trial.

Egusi soup can also be flavoured with veggies like bitter leaf which is commonly added to, ugu leaves and the likes. The soup can go with swallow of choice. I enjoy mine with Akpu AKA fufu.

There are others delicious Nigerian soup such as vegetable soup, Ogbono soup to mention but a few.

Continue reading as I share how to prepare this tasty soup you will always enjoy.

To Prepare this Egusi Soup Recipe

Egusi soup

Below is a practical step by step video on how to come up with this easy and tasty Soup. In the video includes the ingredients and everything you need to know.

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