Wash Beans for Akara and Moi Moi in 5 Minutes!

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Wash beans for Moi Moi and Akara, In 5 minutes!

Akara and moi moi has become popular recipes in most Nigerian homes.

In other words, moi moi and akara are popular Nigerian recipes.

You can’t think of making these recipes without washing beans.

That’s why this process is important and needful, especially for those that prefer washed beans for moi moi and akara.

You can make these recipes with beans flour, but some say washed beans and beans flour taste differently.

Personally, I’ve compared the two process and noticed the difference in the taste.

Washed beans taste fresher and natural than beans flour, especially, than those beans flour produced and processed in factories for commercial purposes.

The homemade beans flour tend to taste natural too. Check out my homemade beans flour.

Most people go for beans flour on account of convenience sake.

If you prefer to wash beans for your moi moi and akara and you find difficult to achieve that because you think is time consuming, I’ve got you covered.

To Wash beans can be very quick as possible, such that you can prepare your akara and moi moi whenever you choose to.

In this post, I will share with you the secret to wash your beans in 5 minutes, continue reading.

Steps to wash beans for moi moi and akara in 5 minutes.

  • Get your beans, could be white or brown beans.
  • Pick out stone and other unwanted particles
  • Pour little water in the beans and start washing immediately and as fast and possible.
  • When you must have removed the peels from the beans, add enough water so that the beans peel will float on the water.
  • Then gradually pour the water into another bowl which will go together with the floated beans peel, leaving the washed beans proper, watch the video below to see exactly how’s done.

You have your ready washed beans!

Wash beans

NOTE: Where and why most people get it wrong and find it difficult to wash beans easily is because they add water and soaked the beans before washing.

Soaking the beans for 1 minute will make it difficult for the beans peel to be removed easily. So like I said above, wash your beans immediately you add water, and by so doing, the beans peel will be easily removed.

So that’s the secret to wash your beans as fast as possible.

Hope this post was helpful?

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Also watch the practical video below to see the whole process on how to wash beans for moi moi and akara.

See you in my next post.


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