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Make Easy Homemade Beans Flour

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Homemade beans flour! Very easy to make!

A great day to you lovelies, as always, how are you doing today?

How has the weather been in your location?

I’ve known the months September to be a little bit dry, but this September (2018) is just the opposite.

It’s really a global warming!

Yap! Back to what I have for you today! Will be sharing with you guys, how to make homemade beans flour.

Yes! I said, how to make it right in your kitchen and bid farewell to buying beans flour if you always do.

I will be relieving you, especially those of you that pass through the stress of always washing beans beans each time you want to make moi moi or Akara.

Will be taken off that stress, LOL! I love you guys so much and will share tips that will always make cooking fun.

School has resumed, and don’t want to deprive my children enjoying akara or moi moi as breakfast before leaving for school.

By the time I start calculating the 5-10 minutes it will take me to wash beans, then grind, taken all that into consideration, I will not hesitate to go for a plan B.

I didn’t just want that. Will always want to prepare my akara and moi moi whenever I wish without wasting so much time.

If you are also planning to go buy beans flour , relax you will learn how to do that.

There are two method of processing beans into flour, which are with and without the outter skin.

Homemade beans flour is flour made out of beans. It’s homemade on account of the beans being processed into flour from home.It is used in most Nigerian homes.

Beans is one of major staple in Nigeria and can be used in the preparation of super delicious delicacies such as beans and corn (Adalu), beans porridge, beans and plantain, beans and rice.

It’s the raw material for moi moi and akara, which of course is the people’s delight.

Akara and moi moi which is a super breakfast treat can be taken with pap. Akara also goes with bread (my favorite!) and moi moi with soaked garri.

Beans flour is also produced and processed in companies to meet a larger demand or for commercial purposes.

People are migrating into taking flour-based food on account of the time it saves and also the preservation.

Flour-based food such as yam flour,wheat flour, cassava flour, rice flour, cocoyam flour, potato flour, plantain flour, and beans flour can stay fresh for months if properly preserved.

It’s trending in Homes which makes beans flour and of course other flour- based food a lucrative business.

My homemade beans flour is as easy as anything easy you can think of, and not just that, it’s not time consuming.

Read on as I share how it was made.

To Make Easy Homemade Beans Flour


  • 5 cups Beans


  1. Put your beans in the large tray depending on the quantity, pick out stones and unwanted particles
  2. Sun-dry and take to a milling machine, the beans needs to be grounded with a heavy duty machine to get a fine flour.
  3. With a sifter, sift the flour, to trap the chaff and other particles.
  4. Transfer the flour to a bucket with a tight lid and store.

That’s is it! Isn’t that easy?

Homemade Beans flour

LOL! Don’t hestitate to make yours and enjoy your moi moi and akara whenever!

Watch the practical video below on how to make easy homemade beans flour.

Share this post and let me know what you think.

See you in my next post!





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22 thoughts on “Make Easy Homemade Beans Flour

  • Hi thanks for the tip. Will this method last for a year? I need it for commercial purpose.

    • If well preserved could stay 3 to 6months. I have not stored mine up to a year before.

  • Thanks. In your method, you didn’t was the beans. Is it okay not to wash beans?

  • thanks for the info. can I use hair dryer if there is no sun

  • Adedoyin

    Thanks for the info. My questions are:
    1. Aw is it preserved?
    2. Can I use both white and brown beans together?
    3. Can I grind the beans together with pepper and crayfish?
    4. Is it compulsory to peel the beans and which one gives best result, peeling or no peeling?

    • Store in an airtight container to preserve.I can talk for only white beans.Both gives best result.Don’t grind the beans together to with crayfish and pepper.

  • Gracey

    Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing this with us. However, i’m concerned about the pesticides and chemicals used on the grains during farming, harvest and storage and even during bagging it. Is it still safe to process into flour without washing first?
    Anticipating your reply, Thank you!

  • Thanks for this beautiful information you safe me from stress of no peeling before getting your beans flour done.i actually need this for business

  • Onigbogi Oluwaseun

    Can I add pepper and fish before grinding?

  • Can I add crayfish before grinding

  • Wow this is amazing I love this

  • Can I still wash the beans then sun it before grinding it???

  • Ugochi Doris

    Hi Ada will I get a white colour of beans flour, if I used white beans, be cause we didn’t remove the back before grinding


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