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nigerian peanut butter

Nigerian peanut butter recipe!

Hello people,how are you and family? Hope you guys are doing just great?

I will be sharing the recipe on how to make the best Nigerian peanut butter.

Am yet to see anyone who doesn’t enjoy peanut butter including children.If you want my kids to eat a large portion of bread, the bread should be spread with enough of it on it.With that, they will finish a big loaf of bread. Lol!

Same goes with my hubby he loves garden egg to a fault, so he often enjoys peanut butter with garden egg ,they are best taken together.

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It’s also my favorite! My peanut butter was the best …. you need to try it out and taste for yourself. There was no room for diminishing marginal utility.The marginal satisfaction derived increased. oh my God!

It is also know as peppered groundnut paste or ose oji by the Igbos,meaning it’s not prepared without pepper. Pepper is one of the key ingredient in making Nigerian peanut butter, and it’s taken alongside with bread or garden egg.

The preparation is easy and simple.It’s made with few ingredients such as groundnut,dried cayenne pepper,ehuru,efi,salt and seasoning cube.

Nigerian peanut butter is a peppered groundnut paste enjoyed by the Igbos and taken with garden egg.It’s very delicious and spicy¬† because of the spices used in preparation, that gives it a superb taste and flavor.

To make my best Nigerian peanut butter


I Used

  • 4 cups groundnut
  • 1 handful dried pepper
  • 4 medium ehuru seeds
  • 3 efi seeds in
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • Little salt


    Like told you, it’s very easy to prepare:

  • Break open the ehuru and bring out the seeds
  • First grind the ehuru seed,efi,dried cayenne pepper,salt and seasoning cube together
  • Add the groundnut to the ground ehuru mixture and grind all together to make a paste.nigerian peanut butter

My Nigerian Peanut Butter is ready!

Wasn’t that easy and fast?

Store in a container


Please try it out and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Talk to you soon


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