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Nigerian Fish Roll

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Nigerian fish roll recipe is one of the Nigerian popular snack enjoyed by most Nigerians. By the name, it’s a snack with fish filling.

Nigerian fish roll is a delicious and savoury Nigerian snack,that one could take and get filled easily.

This snack is similar to the other Nigerian popular snacks like the Nigerian meat pie, Nigerian sausage roll, Nigerian Egg roll, Nigerian buns and the rest of them.

Fish Roll making has different methods of preparation, what matters is the end result of the snack. You want to make sure it’s well done and doesn’t soak oil. The perfect heat to get a well done fish is low medium heat.

If the heat is high the snack will not cook well inside but the outside will be golden brown, sometimes get burnt. I know you won’t want that so you have to be conscious if you want to go for the frying method.

For the filling too, you have to cook on low heat to prevent burning as cooking on high heat would get it burnt.

Fish roll has a spicy filling, where one can use either tinned fish like sardine, but I prefer ice fish, and you also choose to add spices of choice, but make sure you don’t add too much so it would not spoil, your filling.

This snack can be fried or baked. The challenge most people face is the rolling part. The rolling is not difficult as you thought. If you’ve been finding difficult, no cause for alarm as I’ll be walking you through the easiest way to roll it.

Nigerian Fish Roll

I’ll be showing you an easy method on how to come up with this delicious and filling snack, even if you’ve not tried it for the first time.

Watch the Practical Video below on how it’s made and don’t forget to share, like and subscribe.

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