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egusi soup

Egusi soup recipe is indeed the people favourite!

We attended a school graduation ceremony. In events, item 7 as its called or food comes last.

It was an interesting graduation ceremony as the graduants entertained us. Parents were invited.

We were  part of every thing that took place, from the launching of the ceremony down to the closing prayer.

It was time for the item 7, people were so expectant, hoping to enjoy a palatable egusi soup because it’s a popular soup prepared in occasions and majority love and enjoy it. lo and behold, the soup that was prepared was not egusi soup.

Parent were disappointed. Most parents went from church directly to the event because it was on Sunday, and the time of the event was 12 pm, usually when most churches dismiss.

So going home wasn’t a good option because it was already time.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience for parent because most of them went  to the event  hungry due to  time factor .

They waited patiently to enjoy their egwusi soup, only to discover that, the soup they salivated for, wasn’t prepared.

The whole thing got them annoyed, such that they all left without eating.

Some parents protested, letting the organizers know that egusi soup shouldn’t be missed in events.

This made me realize how much people love and enjoy egusi soup.

Egusi soup recipe is a general and popular soup  frequently prepared and eaten by Nigerians.

Because of its popularity, knowing where it originated from is really complicating. Igbos say it’s one of their native soup, Yoruba’s are also competing for that as one of their native soups.

Egusi soup recipe is never missed in event organised in nigeria. Egusi which is the key ingredient in egusi soup recipe, is spiced with different types of vegetables such as bitter leaf, ugu leaf, uziza and ukazi leaves.

Egusi seed when grounded is a kind of thickner, supplement thickners such as offor,achi,ukpor and ero usu can also be added  to the egusi soup to boost its thickness.

The ehuru added to my egusi soup gave it a skyrocketed taste and flavor.

Egusi is a fat and protein is rich in fibre and contains essential fatty acid which are healthy to the body.

It is also rich in protein, mineral, contains less carbohydrate,the fat content in it is cholesterol free and also contains vitamin E which is great for the skin and helps maintain a young radiant skin.

To prepare the delicious Egusi soup

egwusi soup

List of Ingredients

  • Water for cooking
  • 8 medium sized cut cow skin
  • 10 medium sized meat
  • 1 medium sized stock fish head
  • 2 medium sized dried fish
  • 1 medium sized onion
  • 3 seasoning cubes
  • 3 tablespoons of ground crayfish
  • 4 ehuru seeds
  • 4 red bonnet pepper
  • salt to taste
  • 2 1/2 cooking spoon palm oil
  • 2 cups egusi seed
  • 4 tablespoons of ground ero usu
  • Bitter leaf as desired(I like bitter leaf scanty in egusi soup)


1. Wash thoroughly with water the cut cow skin, meat, stock fish head differently and set aside

2. Scrub the dried fish with salt and iron sponge, then add water and wash thoroughly and set aside( this process is very important so as  to remove sand and excess oil used in the preservation of the fish)

3. Wash the bitter taste from the bitter leaf

4. Grind the egusi seed, ero usu, ehuru and pepper

5. Chop the onion

 Cooking procedure

The two different cooking procedure for making egusi soup is the frying and the boiling method. Frying method usually taste differently. Comparing the two methods, taste so you can choose to go for the method you prefer.

1. Put the washed cow skin in the pot with little water, and boil for 7 to 10 minutes, if still too hard, extend to 15 minutes

2. In a seperate pot, put the washed meat, add  2 seasoning cubes, chopped onion,little salt, steam until water is dried up, not too dried please, add the water enough for cooking, add the washed stock fish head and leave cook for 10 minutes

3. Add ground ehuru,pepper, crayfish, half boiled cow skin, the remaining seasoning cube and the dried fish, stir and leave for 5minutes

4. Add palm oil and leave to boil for 2 minutes

5. Add the ground egusi and ero usu stir frequently, to avoid big lumps, leave to boil, taste till the raw taste is no more

6. Add salt to taste

7. Add the bitter leaf,leave to cook for 2 minutes

The soup is ready!

egusi soup recipe

Enjoy with swallow of choice!

I love it with fufu

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