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The Palm oil boiled yam recipe ( ji mmanu)

The Palm oil boiled yam recipe ( ji mmanu)

Palm oil boiled yam recipe ( ji mmanu ) is what I have for you today!

This recipe has been on my mind. I enjoy it most this season when the water in yam has dried up leaving the yam very sweet.

Every yam you get in the market between the month of Feburary- June is usually very sweet. When I mean sweet, is as sweet as sweet potatoes lol!

This recipe reminds me of those days when my  grandmother was still alive.

She was actually the first to introduce me to the delicacy.

Sometimes she substitute the boiled yam to roasted yam and roasted unripe plantain.

She had lots of palm plantation and usually processed her palm oil herself.

So any day she processed palm oil we were sure to eat boiled ,roasted yams or plantains .

You get the feel of this recipe taking it with freshly process palm oil.

Palm oil boiled yam recipe ( Ji mmanu) is my hubby and first daughter’s favourite.

They prefer taking white boiled yam with raw palm oil.

Once is boiled yams, leave the matter, you cannot convinced them to take with any other thing aside from fresh raw palm oil, lol!

This recipe is enjoyed mostly by the Igbos.

This boiled yams is taken with fresh raw palm oil.

Salt, fresh pepper, shredded scent leave or utazi leaves is also added, which gives a unique taste and flavour.

Onion is optional because most people don’t like taking raw onion. If onion is added, is grated, pounded or thinly chopped.

This recipe can also be substituted for roasted yam and plantain, boiled or roasted cocoyam, boiled three leaved yam and the likes.

The boiled yam can also be taken with vegetable sauce, scrambled eggs, tomatoes stew and the rest of them.

This recipe is very quick and easy to prepare.

It doesn’t require too much ingredients, with your yam, palm oil, fresh pepper, read below the rest of the ingredients.

The green leafy vegetable like the utazi should be thoroughly washed with salt water as many times as possible.

Remember you are taking it raw .To avoid food poison, like I said,wash thoroughly.

To Prepare Palm oil Boiled Yam(Ji Mmanu)

I Used

  • 1/2 medium yam
  • 100ml fresh palm oil
  • Fresh pepper as desired
  • Salt to taste
  • Little shredded utazi leaves
  • Onion (Optional)


  1. Peel, cut yams into rectangular or desired shape.
  2. Wash ,blend or pound fresh pepper, set aside.
  3. Wash thoroughly the utazi leaves with salt water and shred.

Cooking Procedure

  1. Add salt to boiling water, then add yams, leave to cook until done,drain water and set aside.
  2. Melt palm if congealed, add salt, fresh pepper, utazi leaves and stir.

That’s it! Enjoy!

Watch the video on how to make palm oil boiled yam ( ji mmanu).

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