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Suya spice

Suya Spice,very tasty!

A wonderful day to you loves.

I bring to you today my very tasty suya spice recipe!

I know you will be excited about this recipe!

Should I do a row call or better put this way.

If you love suya, put up your hands! LOL!

I’m imagining so many hands up, including mine.

Without mincing words, I know most of us, if not everyone love suya spice right?

Yes ! it’s worth loving because is a very tasty spice.

Do you know suya spice is the secret to that tasty suya you love and always enjoy?

Relax, I’m going to be sharing with you, on how to make this tasty recipe.

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My suya spice was made with full ingredients.

The spices I used were all natural.

Watch the video below to see for yourself how the spices look like.

Also you can get the natural spices on my facebook page is very affordable.

In this post, I will concentrate more on suya spice.

In my subsequent post will be sharing with you guys on how to make suya using my homemade suya spice.

Natural spices gives me want I term of strong taste and flavor.

Depending on the quantity you want to make, a little added would be okay.

Spices, especially natural ones should added in moderation as too much of it could mar your food.

The right measurement is key to making a good one

Pepper should be added to taste.

If you want children to enjoy suya, you have to reduce pepper.

You add extra dry ground pepper to your portion if you love pepper.

Continue reading as I unleash the names of the spices I used for this recipe on the ingredients list below.

Suya spice is a hot spicy ingredients used in the preparation of the peoples delight called suya.

It’s usually hot due to the hot natural spices added.

It’s very tasty and the secret behind the taste and flavor of suya.

Without adding suya spice is not suya, because it is the key and core ingredient for making suya.

Suya spice can also be used in making kilishi.

While some recipe ingredients can be used to prepare pepper soup.

This is one of the recipes Nigerians value, very easy to make and not time consuming.

For a very red coloured suya spice, add dried grounded shombo also known as cayenne pepper.

Some people add food colour for that red colour, but I don’t think is good enough, I prefer cayenne pepper.

To Make A Very Tasty Homemade Suya Spice, I Used

  • 125g corn meal

  • 125g kuli kuli

  • ¼ teaspoon cloves

  • small dry ginger

  • small clove fresh garlic

  • 1 control onions

  • ¼ teaspoon uziza seed

  • 3 small ehuru or calabash nutmeg seed

  • 2 seeds jansa seeds

  • ½ efi seed

  • 21/2 seasoning cubes

  • Dry chilli pepper to taste

  • Salt to taste


1. Remove the ehuru or African nutmeg from the shell, peel out the back of the garlic.

2. Add all the natural spices including the kuli kuli in the corn meal, mix, then grounded everything together.

That’s all! You have your very tasty recipe ready!

Suya spice

Note ; if your grinder can’t grind the kuli kuli which are in lumps, it can done with heavy duty grinder mainly seen in the market.

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Watch the practical below video on how to make a very tasty suya spice.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Very Tasty Homemade Suya Spice

  1. Thank you so much Ada. I’ve always wondered how they made Suya pepper. I never imagine garlic could be inside too.

  2. How can someone get efi ,jansa and control onions,do you have another name for them,i think dried garlic should have been used instead of fresh one Thanks

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