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How to Cook Ukwa and Corn Everyone Will Love

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Cook ukwa corn

Hello Dearies, today I will be teaching how to cook and ukwa corn.

Ukwa and corn is a delicacy widely eaten by the Igbos.

It highly nutritious and has a very pleasant taste and flavor.The combination of ukwa and corn is balanced and more palatable.

Ukwa is very healthy and nutritious and should be often incorporated in your meal. Get 15 reasons why you should eat ukwa here

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It is a trending delicacy served in all kinds of Events.I took the delicacy to another level by adding my unique recipes which made everybody in my house became Oliver Twist, they salivated for more.


The delicacy was wow!

To cook ukwa and corn

I Used:

  • 3 cups Ukwa
  • 1 cup Corn
  • 5 medium sized Liver
  • 5 medium sized stock fish(flesh)
  • 1 teaspoonful ogiri
  • 2 handfuls Ugba(shredded)
  • 2  cubes knorr seasoning
  • 1 medium sized onion
  • 1 tablespoonful Crayfish(grounded)
  • 1 medium sized Green pepper
  • 1 medium sized yellow pepper
  • 2 medium sized red bonnet pepper
  • 1 small tin tomato cup palm oil
  • salt to taste
  • 3 tablespoonful Natural potash
  • Water


  • Pick stones from the Ukwa, then wash with water thoroughly and set aside
  • Boil  corn till tender and set aside
  • Slice green,yellow and red bonnet pepper and set aside
  • Grate,blend or pound  onion
  • Grind crayfish
  • Cook the liver with little water and salt for 5 minutes,then chop.
  • Put the Natural potash or Ntu ngu into an empty bowl,add 150ml of water, work your finger into the mixture to mix very well, leave to settle, when you notice the water is colourless like normal water, take the water and dispose the base that looks like sand.
  • Take 70 ml of potash water

Cooking procedure

1. Put the washed ukwa in an empty pot

2. Add the 70ml of natural potash water and a cup of ordinary water, then cook for 40minutes

3. Add the stock fish flesh also known as flex, allow to cook for 10 minutes

4. Add the corn, if you notice water is drying up, add water little by little,allow to cook 10 minutes

5. Add the Ogiri

6. Set a dry pot on fire,add the palm oil,allow to heat for a minute,add blended onion and grounded crayfish and stir  continuously for 2 minutes

7. Pour the palm oil content into the pot of ukwa  still on fire,stir and leave for 3 minutes

8. Add  the liver

9. Add Knorr seasoning cube

10. Add salt to taste

11. Add the Shredded oil bean or Ugba

12. Add the sliced pepper, stir and leave to for 2 minutes

The food is ready!



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3 thoughts on “How to Cook Ukwa and Corn Everyone Will Love

  • Elijah Ayomide

    this i haven’t tried before but have tried other igbo’s soup and truly they are fantabulous. this i will surely try soon.

    • Adasrecipes

      Elijah,this is not a soup,it’s called African bread fruit widely eaten by the Igbos, other tribes enjoy it too.If you’ve not tasted the delicacy, you are really missing. Follow the preparation and cooking procedure and you are good to go.


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