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Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips)!

Bobozee Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips

Hello people, how are you and family doing today? Hope the cold weather is not affecting you that much?

Please check out my pepper soup recipe, a perfect treat for cold weather.

This is one Nigerian Snack that has so many names. I didn’t take note of that until I made this post.

I’ve been taking it, and I was like, wow blogging has really made me put my eyes down in so many things.

Without making this post, I wouldn’t have sat down, took my time and counted how many names Akpu mmiri which is the major name is called have.

I call Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips) home food because, for those staying in the cities, is sometimes rare to find.`

That’s why when you visit or travel to your home town, you tend to enjoy it to the fullest and travel back to base with some good quantity. Isn’t it? That’s the truth.

Fortunately, I have a small garden in my compound where I plant some vegetables and cassavas.

This cassava used for my bobozee was gotten fresh from my farm, so, am not really missing some home food because I plant most of them in my small farm, lol!

My hubby enjoys home or traditional foods, Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips) is one of them and loves taking it preferably with coconuts.

This snack can be taken at all seasons but best taken during hot weather because it cools the body, that’s why its called air condition.

When I was tender, I remembered our  grand mothers  soaked there Akpu mmiri in the stream and it tasted differently from the ones I eat now, lol!

I don’t know whether soaking abacha in the stream is done these days, especially now where almost everyone has borehole water running in their homes.

Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips) is made from cassava tuber which is one of the major staples in Nigeria.

The cassava is boiled and thinly sliced with a knife which is contemporary abacha mmiri we are talking about in this post.

While a grater is used for slicing the Abacha for making African salad is which can also be preserved by sun drying.

The best cassava tuber for Akpu mmiri are usually the tiny ones, not those ones as big as yam because it dissolves in water during soaking and washing.

You need just the cassava tuber to make abacha mmiri, the preparation is easy, simple and not time consuming.

Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips) is a snack, appetizer, and a traditional treat loved by Nigerians.

It’s made from cassava tuber which is one of the major Nigerian staples. It can be taken with coconut, palm nut or groundnut.

This recipe has many names as mentioned earlier.It’s called akpu mmiri, abacha mmiri, bobozee, tapioca, mpataka, wet cassava chips, air condition, japu mmiri and I know you have other names you call it in your dialect.

It is called abacha mmiri because it cannot be separated from water. It’s preserved in water and taken wet.

Cassava is also used for the preparation of the popular Nigeria swallow called akpu or fufu, African Salad.

It’s processed into cassava flour for bread, snacks, other flour based food, and also used for the production of washing starch.

To Make Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips)


  • Cassava tubers
  • Water (enough to cook, soak and wash the abacha)
  • Salt(optional)


  1. Wash the cassava tubers, cut horizontally in twos or threes depending on the length of the cassava.
  2. Peel the skin of the cassava. See how twas done in the video below.
  3. Wash, put the cassava in the pot, add water to cover the cassava, apply heat, cook for about 10 to 12 minutes on medium heat.
  4. Remove from heat, put in the sifter to drain water, then leave to cool.
  5. Cut the cooked cassava now vertically, remove the center stick, then thinly slice with the aid of a knife.
  6. After slicing the cassavas, soak for about 24 hours or overnight, wash for about 3 to 4 times to remove the bitter and slimy texture.
  7. Soak in water again to preserve.

It’s ready! Enjoy with coconut, groundnut, palm nut!

Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips)!

Watch the video below on how to make Bobozee(Akpu Mmiri,Wet Cassava Chips). I

Hope you enjoyed this post? Please share and let me know your opinion in the comment section.

Enjoy your day!





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