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potatoes and plantain fries

Potatoes and plantain fries!

Hello good people, how are you and family doing today? Hope good? Hope you gave your family a treat with the super recipes I shared? If you’ve not done that, don’t hesitate to do so please.

I’m back again to share with you how I made this sweet hot potatoes and plantain fries.

Back in my university days, hot potatoes and plantain fries was what I ate most times.The school I passed through never permitted us cooking in the hostel. I stayed in the hostel from second year through my final year.

So like I said, twas against the school rules cooking in the hostel. How we ate then was, we went to school canteens to eat. Meh n it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me.

Spending so much money on food that was not just well prepared. The only time I ate good food was when i traveled to my base or visit a friend outside campus lol!

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Most nights  then, I ate hot potatoes and plantain fries.The sellers sold only at nights,so I converted the fries to my dinner, please don’t laugh at me, na condition dey make crayfish bend.

I had no option, and never saw myself spent money, too much money for that matter o on foods i never enjoyed, I meant food that were not well prepared.

If you are used to eating in canteens ,you know what it means buying food three time daily as a student.

I don’t mean as a student you shouldn’t spend money to eat good food, there are food that are well prepared and affordable. Abi you no go buy text book?

Lovelies, that was how I fell in love with hot  potatoes  plantain fries. Fortunately for me after my graduation, I got married to a man that so much, hmm….so much loved eating plantain and potato fries. Automatically our kids also fell in love and joined the train of fried sweet potato and ripe plantain lovers lol!

I’m yet to see anyone  including children that don’t love eating fried potatoes and plantain.

Fried plantain and potato is deep fried snack, eaten by Nigerians. It’s majorly a breakfast snack taken alongside with tea or pap. As a breakfast meal, is very easy to prepare. No too much stress.

Sweet potatoes and ripe plantain are packed with a whole lot of health benefits

Sweet potatoes is an anti-oxidant, helps in blood sugar regulation, helps maintain strong immunity while ripe plantain on the other hand, has fiber which helps in proper digestion and contain vitamin B which helps in fat metabolism.

To make hot potatoes and plantain fries

List of Ingredients

  • 3 Sweet potatoes
  • 2 Ripe Plantain
  • Salt to taste
  • Vegetable oil enough for deep frying
  • 1 Green and red pepper for flavor

Frying Procedure

1. With knife peel off the skin of the potatoes and plantain

2. Wash and cut the plantain and potatoes separately to your desired shape

3. Sprinkle salt and mix well to incorporate the salt into the plantain and potatoes

4. In an empty dry pot, add vegetable oil, enough for deep frying, when the oil heats, add the cut potatoes, don’t allow the potatoes to be too much in the vegetable oil. Fry on both sides, for the ripe plantain, do same and fry until deep yellow.

5. Slice the green and  red pepper and place it on the fries while very hot, the fries will absorb the flavor of the pepper, which in turn gives it a superb flavor.

potatoes and plantain fries

Enjoy !

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Enjoy the rest of your day!



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