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Hello Lovelies, welcome to Ada’s Recipes Blog and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Ada, a wife and a mother of 4. A Nigerian and an African food blogger. I’m a lover of tasty and nutritious food. Cooking good food is what I love doing.

Are you a lover of good food? Do you want to take your cooking skill to the next level? Do you want us to create unique recipes to wow your family, friends and guests?

Stick on, you are on the treasure track in  your cooking world, because this is the very right place to provide solutions and tips for an awesome cooking experience.

Ada’s Recipes is a food blog dedicated and designed in a unique way to teach you how cook palatable Nigerian and African dishes. Snacks, desserts and drinks are not exempted. Our interest and priority is to educate,inform and update you about the secret of good cooking.We also enlighten you on kitchen tips.

FOOD: Food is one the basic needs of life. We need food to survive. Food is very important to human life. We can not  do without food as long as life is concerned. For us to live we MUST eat FOOD. Food is likened to a fuel for a car. When there’s no fuel in a car,what will be the state of the car?will the car move the answer is capital NO. When we don’t eat food, I don’t want to finish the statement. The need to learn how to cook shouldn’t be taken for granted. Ada’s Recipes will not just teach you how to cook ,we go extra mile to teach how to cook tasty and nutritious foods,because food should be nourishing.

OUR RECIPES: Ada’s Recipes has arrays of unique recipes. Our methods, procedures and preparations promise to nail those finger licking dishes and make cooking fun. Our lists of ingredients combined in the right proportion gives you that unique taste,aroma and flavor you will always salivate for.

COOKING SKILL : You don’t talk of food without cooking,and the reverse. Food is important to human life, cooking is an important skill to acquire. Acquiring cooking skill shouldn’t be taken  for granted, of course food has to go through a process called cooking. I hear people say its not necessary to learn how to cook,and they go ahead to say, cooking is just to mix every thing together. Lets be truthful, mixing every thing together without proper timing renders that food inedible. Imagine adding meat and okro at the same time,the truth is that, such food can never make sense. Don’t know how to cook?Relax, Ada’s Recipes is the one-stop food blog that will sharpen your cooking skills.

OUR GOAL :Our goal is to bring out the CHEF in you. Of course nobody was born a chef, we will teach you the “nitty gritty” of the art of cooking. We will widen your horizon on how to cook Nigerian and African cuisines, which will in turn take your cooking skill to the next level.

Ada’s Recipes promise to make cooking for you,a whole lot of fun.

Always remember to get in touch with us.

Happy cooking!